lunedì 9 novembre 2009

Some news

Ok, I've been away for a while. But I've been quite busy and I still am. I'm in the middle of the preparation of a music video I have to shoot by the end of the week. The band is Italian and is called La Bottega di Musica e Parole. The song I'm working on is called L'anno del temporale (The year of the storm), and you can listen to it right here.
The whole idea I am working on is quite surreal: my costume designer and my art director are already very excited about the project (I fear they will have A LOT of work to do on this one)and I'm sure it's going to be great fun.
The crew will be pretty much the same I had on The Devil's Hand: that was the first time I was working with most of those guys, but it came out as a really good group. Plus the atmosphere on set was great. I can't wait!
Besides, post-production (mostly colour correction) on The Devil's Hand almost came to an end. Which means the official launch of the video is probably going to happen soon. Stay tuned!

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