martedì 3 novembre 2009

Devil's Hand: photos from the set

Apart from making the DoP's desires come true, the crew's electrician proved also to be a very good photographer. His name is Stefano Druetta and these are some of the photos he made on set.

Actor Federico Bava and his "Devil's Hands"

Great Art director Ascanio Viarigi working like hell. In Hell

Ballerinas practicing with coreographer Valeria Curzio

DoP Federico Torres flirting with the Devil's concubines

Frontman Larry from the band "The Scrabble" surrounded by masked ladies

Masked lady in detail

Me at the monitor

The Devil is taking a break from all the cruelty and villainy of this world

More photos of the amazing band, cast and crew to come on my website. It should be ready in a very little while...

Photos courtesy of Stefano Druetta

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  1. Hey! Very cool production design. As I'm a filmmaker, I'm happy to find you on blogger. See you over there.

  2. Thanks man! Happy to find you too. See you soon!