giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Some good news mixed with recent memories

I can now say the music video for the band La Bottega di Musica e Parole is coming out. Finally!
I still don't know the exact date, but the band will present it officially around mid-May.
The video was shot right before Christmas break inside a tiny theatre, while outside an authentic snow storm was taking place. The song to the music video is actually titled "L'anno del temporale" ( The Year of the Storm, in English), but it's more of a late summer-autumnish kind of storm it tells about. So nothing of the pandemonium happening outside could end up being used in and for the video.
We had some sort of trouble getting out of there though: snow and freeze had made the stairs so slippery that moving outside the set at the end of the day became a real journey back home...