giovedì 11 novembre 2010

Vampyre Compendium

The short Vampyre Compendium has finally been completed. I am very proud of the result, and now it's ready to be shown in festivals worldwide.
It stars actors Oona Chaplin and Vincent Montuel and it's an ironic take on old-school vampire stories. If you're looking for Twilight, this is the wrong choice. The classics from Universal and Hammer studios are the actual source of inspiration for this short movie which got the attention of famed Italian actor-director Michele Placido, who patronized the project.
The crew was young and talented, and I finally got exactly what I wanted. I want to thank them all for the great amount of effort and talent they put in it.
Here there are a few pics from the set by excellent photographers Federico Torres and Stefano Stranges.

Oona Chaplin.Photo by Federico Torres

Vincent Montuel.Photo by Stefano Stranges

Me together with my wonderful cast, aka Oona Chaplin and Vincent Montuel.Photo by Federico Torres

My wonderful cast, again. Oona Chaplin and Vincent Montuel on the set of Vampyre Compendium. Photo by Stefano Stranges

Another shot of Oona Chaplin.
Photo by Federico Torres

Me and my very valiant Script Supervisor, Fernanda Selvaggi.
Photo by Federico Torres