martedì 27 ottobre 2009

"Ooh Yeah!" - Storyboards

Many people don't like to use storyboards on their sets, many others think they are fundamental. I belong to the second cathegory. To me it's vital that my collaborators know exactly what I want in terms of visual rendition, so I try to make drawings that help defining what's going in my mind.
I think it's the quickest way to communicate with your crew (especially your DoP), much quicker (and definitely more effective) than many words!
Plus I love drawing, I've been doing it since I was two and to me it's the most natural action together with breathing, eating, sleeping and ...well...whatever.

These are some of the storyboard plates (I should rather call them doodles) I made for "Ooh Yeah!".
Sorry for the annoying signs on the pictures, but I scanned them from my original working copy and I am always used to put a big cross on every shot once I get it...

Preparation and production were very close and we had very little time to get organised before the shooting.
The shooting itself was quite short (one day and a half) but I managed to get all that I wanted.
Some of the sequences were fully storyboarded, like the narrative sequence involving the pizza boy and the girls, as well as the notorious "Splash" sequence...

All images are copyright of © Matteo Bernardini.

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