martedì 27 ottobre 2009

"Ooh Yeah!" - Memories from the backstage

These are a few photographs from the making of the video.
It was a pretty intense shooting, but we all had great fun!
I shall upload more photos (as well as more pics from the storyboard) on my website once it's ready. Meanwhile, enjoy the girls and Pizza Boy aka Big Rob in "action"...
Actress Linda Messerklinger aka Angelica La Lapin shows her surprise in front of Pizza Boy's not-so-hidden talents

Actor Stefano Blisa aka Big Rob aka Pizza Boy discussing the infinite potential of his character with the director (me)

The Dream-Team of the Golden Age of Porn: fake director René St. Claire (Daniele Manca) together with his star Big Rob (Stefano Blisa). Please, notice the exquisite gesture of René pointing at his primadonna's moneymaker...

I almost forgot: photos courtesy of Andrea Norzi!

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