sabato 15 gennaio 2011

New Year, Great News...

The New Year just started and it couldn't start better! Great things are going to happen and I am terribly excited about the new adventure I'm going to be part of...
I'll tell more soon.
In the meantime, I have to post a few info I was unable to share before.
Let's start with the last Venice Film Festival: my short film "Vampyre Compendium" was invited to be presented there out of competition. The event was called "The Cinema Meets the Music" and Maestro Michele Placido (who sponsored the short) was there with me to present the film. It all took place on September 8th 2010.

Michele Placido and I presenting Vampyre Compendium at the 2010 Venice Film Festival

Here's a link to an interview to me and Maestro Placido (in Italian) from La Stampa (one of Italy's prominent newspapers).
The work was received very well and I got very excited. I hope everybody will manage to see it soon...

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